About us


Capfino is a venture capital company aiming at investing in digital and disruptive innovations and ideas at an early stage and on a long-term basis. Target areas in our investment focus are: Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech, Real Asset, Big Data, Smart Data and Business Intelligence. We are your early-phase investor for a common successful future.


We are an interdisciplinary team of experts and have access to a broad network in the areas of Finance, Aviation, Real Estate, Renewables und Insurance. We combine this network with the ideas and possibilities of the digital world, thus creating the basis for your entrepreneurial growth.


We specifically look for investment opportunities and offer more than just capital. We support companies we invest in with corporate structuring, management and accountancy services. Furthermore, we assist in finding suitable office spaces and adequate technical infrastructure. We provide guidance on the way to a successful future.

Founders of a company require more than just capital to ensure lasting success. What you need on your way to the top is a successful and experienced partner at your side.


We believe that successful business is not only based on capital, but on an excellent network as well. And we are the ones who can provide the access. Our network of experts consists of experienced founders, managers, strategy consultants, scientists and business angels. With our insights on your specific goals, we support and consult your business along every important milestone during the start-up and growth phase.


We are looking to founders and teams with digital and disruptive innovations and ideas in the fields of Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech, Real Asset, Big Data, Smart Data and Business Intelligence. Founders and start-ups willing to merge to a virtual value chain for building the future together. In this context, the future potential and the scalability of ideas are very important for us.

Investment criteria

Investment focus

Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech, Real Asset, Big Data, Smart Data und Business Intelligence


Early-stage investor in all phases

Initial investment

50.000 € - 1.000.000 € (follow-up financing possible)

Investment structure

Minority shareholding as lead- or co-investor


Europe (primarily DACH)

It is our goal to support and promote today the ideas and technologies of tomorrow.

Our Investment Schedule

1. First Contact

We may either meet personally at a conference or a workshop or you may send us your business plan through our website. Important for our analysis of your business plan are a detailed description of your business model, your target market and target customers, your company history as well as your outlook for the next three to five business years.

2. Analysis

On the basis of your business plan we will make an initial general check of your business model. If our interests meet and we deem your business plan marketable, we will contact you to discuss open questions. If we have not met in person before, we will arrange for a meeting to give you the opportunity to present yourself and your ideas.

3. Rough Check

If you impressed us, we will use our network to critically and constructively evaluate the prospects of your business model. This shall protect you from expensive failures and help you to re-examine and/or adjust your strategy. You will get our detailed and honest feedback.

4. Detailed Analysis

We are still convinced of your ideas? Now it’s time to get into detail: We will check the economic conditions, products and services and analyse the market including market access as well as employed processes and the management. In addition, we will clarify all legal and tax issues.

5. Presentation

If you convinced us to the last detail, we will present your idea respectively the business model to our investment committee and recommend you to be included in our investment portfolio. As a matter of course, all relevant parameters will be clarified beforehand and the presentation to the committee will only be made upon consultation with you.

6. Decision

Once the investment committee takes a positive stance to your business model, we will invite you to present in front of the committee. This is your chance to convince the committee to invest in your innovative idea. We wish you good luck and keep our fingers crossed.

7. Investment

As soon as the investment committee gives its approval to the investment, all required agreements will be prepared and notarized. Then, the investment capital will be provided in accordance with the agreed conditions. Furthermore, we will fulfill additional agreements and commitments to make your company a success.

8. Support

Your company will always remain your company. The degree of our engagement may vary depending on the structure of the agreements. It is our goal to accompany you as new shareholder and to shape your company together with you. We are your sparring partner for all economic and strategic issues and are always open for your concerns.

Our Investments

The Capfino-Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of experts. We combine conventional entrepreneurship with the possibilities of a digital world. That is why we are able to give you the best possible assistance on your way to success.

The Management

Adrian Morkisch

Managing Director

The Experten

Markus Niedermeier

Expert aviation

Thomas Schober

Expert real estate

Christian Ammer

Expert IT & BI

Associations / Partners

Capfino can offer you access to a broad network in the conventional business world. The decisive factors here are good contacts and partners in the fields of venture capital, start-up promotions and private equity

Capfino GmbH

Emil-Riedl-Weg 6
82049 Pullach im Isartal

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